Renting a tent can be more complicated than you expected. So know what to expect! Our tent rental experts are here to help get your tented event covered the right way. Here are just a few of the details we need to know so we can make sure your event is covered properly:




  • Where is the event?

We need to know a little bit more about your location than just its address. Here are a few of the questions we need to have answered:

Will the tent be going on grass? Gravel? Asphalt? Tents need to be secured with either weights or stakes in the ground. Drainage is also a consideration, especially if it rains!

Big tents need big trucks! We will need to know how close we can get to the final location.

Any outdoor location has weather concerns – tented or not! But if your location is notoriously windy or shade-less, we will take this into account.

We will need to know if there’s nearby access to electricity, water, and other utilities.

Some locations require permits or extra paperwork to set up a tented party.

20 feet doesn’t always mean 20 feet. Certain tents need extra clearance for support and stakes.


  • What’s going on under the tent?

We will need to know what kind of activities are going on under the tent. This helps determine the tent size and type. Our experts will guide you to having the proper flooring, tables and seating. We can also advise on extras like lighting, heating and tent sidewalls


  • How many people will be attending?

This seems like a basic question, but one that affects your tent size.


  • What kind of tent are you looking for?

As someone planning an event, you might not know the answer to this question. Rely on us to educate you on the types of tents we work with. The main types are:

A Pole Tent – this has at least one pole in the center as the primary support. It is typically supported with stakes, making it ideal for grass or sand. It cannot be set up on concrete or asphalt.

A Frame Tent – this is a free standing structure, supported by a metal frame. It allows for more creative layouts, and can be put on almost any surface.


  • What style of event are you having?

Every event type has a different set of needs…and that effects your tent choices. Our experts have covered them all. We’ll walk you through all the details so you have the correct style to fit your event.


  • When can we meet?

Communication is the key! We recommend allowing time to really talk through your event specifics for the best possible experience. Renting a tent might seem super easy (and some are), but in reality, there is a lot to cover!